Akamas Summer Drive

Published 6th of June, 2021

Smooth Ride


As you can see in this shot, the first part of the route is in a good state of repair. There are plans to make the Akamas more accessible, and depending on your point of view that is either a great idea or an abomination. Personally I am in two minds. If the Akamas can be made more accessible then that is a good thing, as more people will be able to see it and appreciate how beautiful it is. However, measures need to be put in place to ensure that the countryside isn't unduly damaged. Unfortunately, some people will happily travel to see beautiful scenery, yet be so dumb that they think it is okay to leave their rubbish behind when they leave. I've never understood the numbnuttedness of this attitude.

Rock Thief


This was a puzzle. Somebody had removed a big pile of rocks from this location. I know this, because this is the exact spot we came to fly our kite on Green Monday a few years ago. Indeed, I flew it from the rock you can see in the distance. So why did somebody remove the rocks in the foreground?

Alex Finds A Butterfly


If you only visit Cyprus on holiday, you will probably have missed one of the rare natural spectacles. Every spring the red admiral butterflies migrate from Africa and Israel up to Northern Europe. A couple of years ago, they came through Cyprus to get there, and it was amazing. They were everywhere. Driving the car from Polemi to Paphos would result in a sadly orange car at the end of it, owing to the number of butterflies who had collided with the windscreen. I was amazed too, at how much damage the butterflies could take and still fly. Some of their wings would be in tatters.

I think Alex is hoping for a repeat performance, and she gets excited every time she sees one. And yes, I know it isn't a Red Admiral.

Distant Lara Bay


Turn Left For Lara


If you want to see the turtles, turn left here. On the Green Monday flight I already mentioned, we went that route with the kite still in the air. It was fun driving down the hillside flying a kite as we went. I should point out that I wasn't driving the car and flying the kite at the same time. Our daughter was controlling the kite.

Oh and if you want to see turtles, they have laid their eggs but they won't yet be hatching until later in the year.

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