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Published 31st of December, 2018

Paphos Caving


This blog in February was a surprise hit, and was one of our most popular. We investigated a cave behind a church near Paphos Town Centre. Rumour has it that at the end of the cave is an old abandoned chapel. The narrowness of the tunnel and the depth of the water prevented me from exploring that far, but I managed to get some nice pictures...

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Paphos Carnival


This is always a great spectacle, and what seems like the whole of Paphos appears to wave on the floats. This year it was delayed a day because of predicted bad weather. The predictions were bang on, and what would have been a washout turned into a triumph. Our blog captured Paphos at its best.

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Green Monday


Green Monday is a public holiday in Cyprus. Traditionally kites are flown in the countryside. We did our bit to uphold that tradition, and even managed to fly the kite from our car. We had a lot of fun on this trip, and can't wait until next February!

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Abandoned Villages: Maronas


In March we spent a lot of time in the Diarizos Valley. There are several abandoned settlements, as well as fascinating points of interest and villages to explore. As you can see from this image, the scenery is breathtaking. In this blog we visited Maronas, but in other blogs we went to Souskiou, Prastio and Trozena.

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Cyprus Orchids


In Spring, Cyprus comes a-bloom with an abundance of wildflowers. If you are lucky you will find some orchids growing in a hedgerow or an unploughed field. They may not be as spectacular as some of the orchids you can find around the world, but they have their own charm. The one in the photo is called a Naked Man Orchid. No further comment is necessary.

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Who is Vandalising Foinikas?

The Asprokremmos is filling up fast, so we decided to see if we could still drive to Foinikas, the abandoned historical village which lies on its banks. We succeeded, and took some lovely photographs, but also had a nasty surprise...

Trozena Waterfall

When we visited Trozena last May, we read about a mysterious waterfall. Mysterious because though we could see remnants of an old stream in a picnic area between the village and the church, there was no waterfall at all. But then it rained. A lot. And somebody said there was a waterfall at Trozena. So we went and had a look. If you see one water feature after all the rains, you should make sure it is this one. It is spectacular...

Polemi Rain

The winter storms are back with a vengeance. Polemi had 46mm of rain overnight, and it showed this morning. Our webcam presented a sorry picture, but I was curious to see what was happening in other parts of the village...

The Xeros River in Winter

The Asprokremmos Reservoir is beginning to fill up! At the last count, it was close to 40% full. But where is all the water coming from? The Xeros River is normally close to dry, but now it has become a raging torrent. So let's take a look...

Latest News Articles

Volunteers to clean up Akamas after extreme weather

A group of volunteers will carry out the first clean-up of the year in the Akamas this coming weekend in the wake of the recent bad weather.

The group, led by retirees Keith and Wendy Watkins, regularly clean up the area and recent high winds and torrential rain have only added to the accumulating rubbish there.

Roudia Bridge Stands Firm While Modern Neighbour Is A Washout

Roudia Bridge is alive and well! However, it's modern neighbour suffered a bit of a blow when part of it was washed away in the rains.

Hospitals overwhelmed by flu patients

People suffering from the flu are flooding public hospitals and affecting their smooth operation, the head of the state doctors’ union, Pasyki, said on Tuesday.

“We have cases of flu, fevers, respiratory infections; the situation is especially difficult and we are trying to cope,” Sotiris Koumas said.

Flu season at its peak health officials warn

Health authorities on Monday urged the public to take precautions as the flu season is now at its peak.

The flu season started the last two weeks of December, some two weeks earlier than usual, and has spread rapidly.

According to the Head of the Infectious Disease Surveillance Unit of the health ministry, Maria Koliou, the most common flu this year is virus type A.