Paphos Caving

Published 9th of February, 2018

A few months ago we read a report in the papers about an interesting cave that lurked within Paphos itself, behind an old church. After a bit of investigation we found it, and did a bit of spelunking.

The Old Church


The first hurdle in locating the cave was locating the church. Once located, I had to work out a route to it. My initial attempt resulted in a bird's eye view of the church's roof, from the cliffs above. I arrived there from the direction of the crossroads above Mesogi Lidl. Studying the roads, it became apparent that a better approach would be from the main Kissonerga road.

Newly Restored


There is plenty of space to park at the church.

Anybody Care To Translate?


Thanks to Jean Kariolou for the following translation:

The reconstruction of the church of Ayios (Saint) George and the clearing of the surrounding area was undertaken in 2010 by the Archeological Department in co-operation with the church committee of Emba.

Treasurer : Mario's Polyviou

President : Antonia Nikiforou

Members : Georgios Tapakoidis

Nikos Konstantinou

Georgia Tselepi



The church interior is fairly typical of small Cypriot churches. Note the older parts of the walls though. You can just make out the remains of ancient murals.

Into The Woods


Anyway, the article I originally read stated that the cave could be found in the woods behind the church. So I set off.

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