Polemi Tulip Festival 2023

Published 2nd of April, 2023

Today was the day of the Polemi Tulip Festival. In fact, judging be the tramp of people walking past our villa at the moment, it is still going on. So how did it go, and did the tulips deliver?

Polemi Square


We begin our tour in Polemi Square. In recent years, the festival (when COVID allowed it) had been held here. This year, however, it has returned to The Metochi. I am guessing the lady in traditional costume is participating in the festival.

The Road to The Metochi


I walked up the road to see the Festival just after it started. There were a lot of cars around already, and a Police presence to keep the parking vaguely sensible.

Metochi Entrance


There were big crowds at The Metochi itself. It is a lovely old building with a lot of history:

the Metochi Μετόχι stands at the northern edge of the village. This large stone building and enclosed courtyard was built as an outpost of the Kykkos Monastery, the pre-eminent monastic institution of Cyprus. Polemi's association with Kykkos, which is itself located high in the Troodos Mountains, was longstanding. Much of the farmland around the village was under the ownership of the monastery until the twentieth century. This historic ownership may have dated back to the rule of the Frankokratia, the Crusaders or Venetians when a feudal system was introduced on the island; or from the time of the Ottoman Empire in Cyprus when families were subject to onerous taxes and private property was sometimes transferred to recognised religious institutions.



Inside they had a good crowd. There was a lot of seating out, ready for the entertainment.

Nice Job


Like a lot of Paphos, the Metochi has been renovated in the not too distant past. They've made a cracking job of it, as the place looks lovely now.

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