Polemi Tulips Are Here!

Published 28th of March, 2023

It's that time of year again. Some of the fields around Polemi are beginning to turn red as our very own variety of Tulip comes into bloom. We took a first look today, to whet your appetite for the forthcoming festival which takes place this weekend.

Polemi Mountain


We begin our adventure in the vineyards and fields that surround our beloved Polemi. In the distance here you can see Polemi Mountain. It may not look like a mountain, but if you climb to the top you will see that there is a sign there that calls it Polemi Mountain. So there.

Orchards In Bloom


The fields are a blaze of colour at the moment, as Spring is most definitely in the air.

Tiptoe Through The Tulips


And here are some of the beauties.

Early Days


The tulips are still coming into bloom. So the festival will be perfectly timed, assuming the forecast gale predicted for tomorrow doesn't bring with it a tonne of hail or anything like that.

You Beauty


And here's the official blurb:

The Stroumpi-Polemi area is known for the flourish of the endemic Tulip. The tye of tulip that grows here, known as the Polemi Tulip (Tulipa Agenensis DC.) is a bulbous geophyte, about 40cm in height, generally with four glaucous, lanceolate leaves and a solitary bright red flower, with a black blotch in the middle in the inside of the torus. Tulips have been abundant in the area throughout the years but the use of herbicides in neighbouring vineyards has decimated its growth. Tulips in the area flower every year in the spring.

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