Kritou Marottou - A Typical Cypriot Village

Published 9th of January, 2023

Spring Greens


The scenery is pretty spectacular too. These are the upper reaches of the Ezousa Valley, before the Spring flowers have started to bloom in abundance.

Water Feature


There is a nice water feature here too, which will come in particularly handy if you decide to have a picnic.

Bring Food!


This has to be one of the nicer picnic benches in Paphos. So bring some sandwiches or whatever tickles your fancy, and make a meal out of your visit.



The official start to the village is just beyond the picnic area. There is also a bus stop here. You could technically travel here from Paphos by bus. You would need to get the 637 and change at Agios Dimitrianos. The 638 takes you in a loop around the nearby villages, including Kritou Marottou, Milia, Simou and more besides. That would be a lovely ride, but they only appear to run once every four hours. Oh and you still need a mask for a bus trip, according to the Paphos Bus website.

Water Feature


Before you arrive in the village centre, you will come across an interesting water feature. It is worth parking up before it to have a look. You will find similar water features in a lot of Cyprus villages, indicating its importance to the community in years gone by.

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