Published 15th of October, 2018

According to the PRIO database, Anadiou, tucked away on the edge of Paphos Forest, near Kannaviou Reservoir, has been abandoned since 1974. Well, they forgot to pass the message on to Anadiou, because as you shall see, it is far from abandoned.



Anadiou is notorious in our family. Well, the route beyond it, towards Sarama is anyway. If you want to get your 4x4 stuck in horrible mud, attempt the trip after heavy rain. However, if you want to visit Anadiou itself, you can do so via the nice tarmac road from the Kannivou Reservoir.

Gateway to Paphos Forest


Along that road, you will come across a few turnings into the forest. If you have several hours to kill you can take one of them to visit Kykkos Monastery. You are better off approaching that from Panagia though. There are plenty of other nooks and crannies to explore in the forest as well, so bear that in mind if you are feeling adventurous.

Eternal Christmas


It used to make me smile seeing Christmas and Easter decorations up all year around, but I guess it saves having to find somewhere to store them and the inevitable untangling that ensues.

Water Feature


This is a nice little area, before the heart of the village. There is a water feature on the right, and a religious mural on the left. I have no idea what the half-dome in the middle is for though.

Now, as I mentioned above, according to PRIO, this village should be in ruins. As you will see, it isn't.

Water Feature Close Up


That date is significant, as it indicates that this renovation is only 10 years old. I wonder what triggered the village's rebirth? According to PRIO the village was empty between 1974 and 2002, when there were 6 residents.

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