The Call Of Choulou - Part 1

Published 1st of March, 2022

Choulou can be found on the central slopes of the Ezousa Valley, just up from Letymbou, and before you reach the lofty heights of Statos Agios Fotios and Panagia. It has a lot of history to it, and is well worth a visit. In this two-part series we take in some of the attractions.

Welcome To Choulou


I had originally set out to do a nature trail today on the Akamas. However, the weather was quite overcast, so I opted to visit this village instead.

To get to Choulou, take the B7 from Paphos (or Polis) and turn right (or left) at the top of the hill, onto the E702. Choulou is signposted, and is just after Letymbou.

I had been planning to come here for a while and had already done a couple of articles on some of its features.

Up The Junction


Indeed, here is a picture from one of the earlier articles, so you can see what it looks like when the sun is shining. In the previous article, we turned right here, but today we are turning left.

What's In A Name?


I think I should clear one thing up right from the outset. How do you pronounce Choulou? I had always assumed it was CHOO (as in "Chattanooga Choo Choo") LOO (as in toilet). However, a friend of mine told me a while ago that it was actually pronounced WHO (as in "Who do you think you are kidding Mr Putin?") LOO (as in toilet). And as luck would have it, while I was out taking photos for this article, I bumped into a member of our forum. He saw me wandering down a back road with my camera and assumed that I must be that bloke from Paphos Life. Anyway, he told me it was pronounced Wholoo as well.

So, we are now standing outside the Cultural Centre of Choulou. Lets go and have a look in the grounds.



In the grounds there is a nice memorial to locals who were killed in the troubles and the invasion of 1974.

A Handy Map


Before we go any further, I have produced a handy map so you can see where I went on my travels. The junction shown in the picture above is just above and to the left of the blue FINISH. We are heading up the map towards the centre.

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