Paphos Desalination Plant

Published 17th of November, 2017

We were exploring the countryside around Mandria recently, and blogged about the Olive Factory we found there. At the same time, we noticed a rather large white building nearby. When we found out it was the abandoned desalination plant, we had to investigate...

Meet The Plant


In 2008 the authorities decided to build a mobile desalination unit in Paphos, following periods of extended drought. It was completed in 2010, and almost never used, as by then, Paphos’ water needs were met by supply from the Asprokremmos dam. Given the current water levels in Paphos, I can't help feeling the authorities might have acted too hastily in decommissioning the plant. However, it is easy to be wise with hindsight.

The Plant Up Close


We hadn't intended exploring the plant. We were more interested in the nearby beach, and the plant seemed to be locked tight. However, up close it was clear that the back gates were wide open, so we popped in for a quick look.

No Entry


They really don't want you to go in there. That door is nailed shut.

Through The Keyhole


I was able to photograph the inside of the plant through a hole by the door. As you can see, the machinery was indeed mobile, and has been completely removed.

It Was Certainly Portable


The other building has vanished completely. Which does beg the question, why did they want it to be mobile?

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