Seven Days In Paphos

Published 6th of December, 2023

We recently had guests staying for a week, so naturally I gave them the full tourist treatment. You may wonder what there is to do for a week in a wintery, off-season Paphos, but to be honest, we barely scratched the surface. Come and see what we got up to...

Paphos Seafront


Once I had picked up our visitor I gave them a whistlestop-tour of Paphos City before heading back up the hill to Polemi. Naturally enough we had a quick look at the Seafront, as it is well worth showing off.

Abandoned Village: Statos


As the visit was towards the end of November, I figured that I would need to include something other than beaches for entertainment. I started by giving them a trip around the Ezousa Valley, using a route I have been documenting on Youtube recently. As it happens, I got as far as Statos then decided to take the off-road route back to Kannaviou instead.


If you want to visit an abandoned village in Cyprus, then Statos is a decent, guilt-free choice. It wasn't abandoned due to the invasion of 1974. Instead, the inhabitants left willingly, to a new, purpose-built village further up the hill.


If you are curious about Statos and want help finding it, you should check out our first Road Trip eBook.

Day 2: Avakas Gorge and Paphos Archaeological Park


Our guest enjoys a good walk, so the first thing we did was hike up Avakas Gorge. I wrote about that last week, so won't bring it up again here. Once we had done that, we still had the afternoon free, so headed for the Archaeological Park.

For more information on the park, you should check out the link above. There are a load of films and articles on it, including a virtual tour. We made it just before the start of COVID, and our visit today was the first ime I had been back since.

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