Avakas Gorge

Published 26th of November, 2023

For some time I have been fascinated with exploring gorges in Cyprus, and have brought you reports of various nooks and crannies throughout the island. For various reasons I have yet to give you a tour of the Grand Daddy of them all, but a recent visit from my brother inspired me to take him on a trip up Avakas Gorge and give you a report on the full trail.

Getting There


To get to Avakas Gorge you need to take the coast road from Paphos to Coral Bay and keep going. When you get to Agios Georgios you need to turn right and head to the Akamas. The exact route is subject to change, as they are currently renovating the Akamas Road. However, for the current way of getting there you can see our driving film from Peyia to Avakas Gorge.

Once you get to the gorge, take a look at the sign. There is a circular route that takes in the gorge and the surrounding hills. We shall be following that in this article. It takes a few hours, and may not be everybody's cup of tea. There is no shame in walking a little bit up the gorge and turning round when you have had enough.

Note also, how the map has been worn down in places, as people follow the route around with their finger.

This Way


The path starts out nice and wide. Enjoy it, this won't last! Oh, there is one other thing I should mention at the start: best time of day to visit. Basically get here as soon as you can. The longer you leave it, the busier the route will get. Nothing spoils a daytrip to the countryside more than being surrounded by tour groups. Beat the rush and get there as soon as you can. You will also appreciate the cooler temperatures.

Ancient Olive Tree


Before you enter the gorge proper, take a slight diversion to the left to see the remains of this ancient olive tree.

Heed The Warning


Pay attention to this sign. Note everybody does. Do not attempt the walk when there has been rain. The danger of flash floods and landslides is real. Also, don't go here when there is not much daylight left. People will come and rescue you if you get lost, but they will think you are an idiot.

The Path Narrows


Soon that nice wide walkway you were on will narrow to a footpath. This is not the place for high heels. Trainers or walking boots are advised. The potential for a booty is quite high as you progress up the gorge, so make sure your footwear is functional rather than fashionable.

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