The Model Houses at Trimiklini

Published 10th of May, 2017

Sometimes when we are exploring the mountains, we like to return from the direction of Limassol. This gives us the opportunity to revisit the ranch we mentioned in a previous blog. It also lets us explore more rural areas that are further afield. One such village is Trimiklini. There are a number of reasons to visit. For a start, there is a petrol station and a well stocked supermarket. They also have a most unusual bridge I will feature in another blog. However, the focus of this article will be the small hillside liberally sprinkled with model houses, which you can pass, and may well miss, on you way to the sea.

The Houses from the Left


You will find these houses just before you come to the turning for the double bridge. I have marked the rough coordinates on the Paphos Life Directory, but will update them once I have checked my GPS. I should apologise in advance for the somewhat bright appearance. We arrived mid afternoon and the sun was shining directly on us.

The Front


There are no signs indicating why these houses are here.

From The Right


They have been here for some time though. We first spotted them several years ago. Photographs we took at that time look the same as this (taking into account the seasonal changes), so they are no longer being built. They still look in fairly good condition though.

What's Behind That Door?


Let's get a bit closer...

Where Chippies Train?


The models are quite detailled. It isn't just painted on.

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