Lemba Art College

Published 20th of December, 2017

On our travels around Cyprus we have often stumbled across numerous random statues and quirky art exhibits. We first happened upon Lemba Art College in 2016, and if you like quirky art it is a must see location. We re-visited a couple of weeks ago and are pleased to see that the college is still a work in progress, as these photos will show...

Meet The College


Lemba is a lovely village, nestled between Chloraka and Kissonerga. If you are driving from Paphos to Coral Bay, it is fairly easy to miss it. You need to turn right at the traffic lights before Laura Beach Hotel. You can view a map showing the location here.

We first came to the college in search of a geocache. We loved what we found, though are pleased to say that some of the statues present in the photo above have been added more recently.

Near The Cache


While we were looking for the geocache, which was down here if I recall correctly, we were approached by a rather concerned lady who turned out to be the head of the college. She wanted to know what we were doing.

Moving Up The Wall


We explained about geocaching, and it turned out she knew where the cache was. She was a bit fed up with the cache, as too many geocachers seemed to think it okay to dismantle the wall looking for it. This is a complete no-no, so we promised we would get something done about it.

This Is Just The Beginning...


She also explained she was having problems with adventure bus tours, who seemed to think they could wander about disturbing the artists without a care in the world. So one thing we would like to make clear is this: people are more than welcome to visit the college, but please respect the exhibits and the artists.


With regards to the geocache, we raised the topic on the Geocaching Cyprus facebook page, and the owner of the cache happily agreed to archive it and put a new cache elsewhere. So at least that problem had a happy ending.

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