Tsiknopempti Day Drive

Published 14th of March, 2019

A couple of weeks ago Cyprus celebrated Tskinopempti. Like a lot of Cypriot festivities, this involved social eating. We instead opted to go for a drive, as the sun was making an appearance and we wanted to see the sea...

Peyia Viewpoint


Out first stop was Pikni Forest. You can have a nice walk in those woods, and there are some stunning views.


Now, you may be wondering why this blog is a few weeks late, and why we didn't cover the carnival or Green Monday. Well there is a good, albeit, sad reason for that. My Mum died unexpectedly and we went back to England for a time, to comfort Dad and be with the rest of the family.


Everybody is still very raw, but life goes on. I will be doing a special blog soon, as Mum and Dad were due to visit this Spring. In it I will go to lots of places and give her a virtual tour of Paphos in Spring. I know she always wanted to see the flowers and greenery.

Food For Thought


When you make the decision to move to Cyprus, or anywhere else away from your roots, there is always the knowledge in the back of your head that you will be further away from your loved ones. You tuck it away, but it is a grim reality. We don't regret moving to Cyprus for one second, but it does make the tough times like this just a little bit tougher.


On that cheery note, let's continue with the blog. I think we could all do with some cheering up.

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