Four-days of mourning declared for Demetris Christofias

The government on Saturday declared four days of mourning following the death of former president Demetris Christofias on Friday.

Following a meeting of the cabinet, during which ministers stood for a minute’s silence, an announcement said that the state funeral for Christofias will be held on Tuesday June 25 at 5pm, at the church of Ayia Sophia in Nicosia.

Government spokesman Prodromos Prodromou said that the state declared four days of mourning, and that Tuesday would be a public holiday for Government workers. In the meantime, all state public events would be postponed.

A book of condolences will be opened at the presidential palace, where members of the diplomatic corps and politic leaders can sign.

President Nicos Anastasiades will sign the book of condolences, Prodromou said, adding that all the flags in public offices will be flying at half-mast until the day of the funeral.

The funeral, the central committee of Akel decided, will be held using public funds, and the former president will buried at the cemetery in Makedonitissa.  Akel also decided that the general-secretary of the party, Andros Kyprianou would deliver the eulogy.

Akel said in a statement that there would be a public viewing of the open casket at the PEO offices in Nicosia from 9am until 3pm on Tuesday, ahead of the service at the church.

The family will be receiving condolences from 4pm until 5pm at the church, the party announced.

Akel said that instead of flowers, the public would be able to make donations to the social welfare network, and the workers’ support union.

The flags outside the offices of Akel will all be flying at half-mast until the day of the funeral.  A book of condolences will also be opened at the party offices on Monday.

Christofias died Friday at 5.40pm after a month-long battle with respiratory problems. He was 72.

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