Clean Up Paphos!

Published 23rd of December, 2017

Rubbish has long been an issue in the region of Paphos. While fly-tipping no longer occurs on every hillside corner, it is still a big problem. In the last few years however, a number of Green Points have been set up throughout Paphos. The only trouble is, very few people seem to know about them. So we decided to track them all down, and show you what to expect when you visit. If you want the rubbish situation in Paphos to improve, it is in your own interests to use these places. We appreciate that a tour of recycling points won't make scintilating viewing, so we took the scenic route to bring you some pictures of the countryside too...

Distant Hills


We began our journey in Polemi. The day was sunny but there was a little bit of dust in the air. This was the view towards the mountains. Even on a slightly dusty day, Cyprus looks stunning.

Incidently, if you don't have time to read this entire blog, please at least visit the Waste Management section in the directory, so you can see where the recycling centres are. Share it far and wide, as the more people who know about and use these facilities, the better it is for everybody.

Distant Wind Farm


The first Green Point we were going to visit is in Agia Varvara. As we wanted to take the scenic route, this could only mean driving down the Ezousa Valley. Oh the hardships one endures...

Kallepia Christmas


Santa seemed very jolly in the heart of Kallepia.

Minthis Hills


After Kallepia, we skirted the ridge opposite Minthis Hills. There is a very interesting-looking gorge there, which we will have to explore another day.

Friendly Goats


There were lots of baby goats to admire on the way through.

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