The Drive To Adonis Baths

Published 28th of August, 2019

Yesterday we posted a film showing the drive to Adonis Baths. It provoked a lot of comment, so here is the accompanying blog which will hopefully answer any questions.



The film, and this blog, start in the bottom right of the map. We take the easier route to Adonis Baths, then drive back via the bumpier route. Actually, in this blog we go a bit further, and retrace our steps to leave via the E4, which is the track you can see below and right of Adonis Baths in the top right of the map.

So, if you are following signs to Adonis Baths from Paphos, Tsada, Tala or any of the villages in that area, you will arrive at the bottom right of the map.

If you are coming from Peyia, the coast road, or Kathikas, you will end up on the F704, and the bumpier route.

Finally point of note; if you are driving a rental car, and are unsure whether you are covered or not, just ask the car hire company. They will know where Adonis Baths is, and will be able to tell you. Do not assume that you are covered.

Tsada Heights


Ok, let's get started. We are coming from Polemi, so take the B7 up the hill to Tsada. From Paphos you could do the same, in which case you will see this when you get to the top. You need to turn left here.

View From The Top


There is a nice view from up here, though you may not notice it if you are driving.

Distant Stroumpi


Once you have turned left, head to Koili and stay on the main road. Ignore any signs for the village centre. There are some nice views from up here. It was a bit humid when we went on our trip, but on a clear day the view is spectacular.

Ignore This


You will soon reach this main turning. Ignore it and carry on.

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