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Published 8th of May, 2018

Last week, before the dust arrived and the storms chased the dust away (hopefully), we went exploring through the countryside between Adonis Baths and Akoursos. We were trying to get as close as we could to the Akoursos Cave, but a wrong turn plonked us in the middle of nowhere. I went off to hide a geocache, leaving my wife, Alex, alone with the camera. This is a guest blog by my lovely wife. Well, she took the photos, anyway. I'm afraid you will have to rely on me for the actual commentary...

A Handy Map


As we were in the middle of nowhere I thought I would start with a handy map. We were coming from the direction of Stroumpi, and aiming for the little track that is directly above the arrow on the map. However, we turned too quickly and travelled along a different ridge. You can try reaching our location from Adonis Baths too, but I don't know how good that track is. We tried going that way on the way back, but we abandoned our attempts, because the track was very overgrown and traversed the side of a gorge. Plus, there was a chance that there might be a locked gate further down the track, and we didn't fancy having to reverse back up the hill past the gorge.

I should say that the track at the Stroumpi / Kallepia end has a very, very bad rubbish problem. This is a real shame, and needs to be dealt with. It isn't historical rubbish either. We photographed it last year, and since then it has got worse.

Reservoir View


So, we weren't where we wanted to be, however, we were in an interesting place which, judging by the lack of tyre-tracks and shotgun cartridges, was rarely visited. A perfect place for me to hide a geocache then. While I was doing this, I left my camera with my wife. This was a breach of family diplomacy, as our daughter was also with us, but I don't let her use my posh camera. The last time she did the settings all mysteriously changed and my pictures looked like they came from an old David Bowie video (Ashes to Ashes, to be specific).

Distant Peyia


The day was bright and sunny, though there was a bit of dust in the air.

Fire-Damaged Shrubbery


Obviously at some point, a fire had ravaged the area. It must have taken the fire engines a while to get here, or did they just rely on helicopters?

Close Ups


So far, the photographs have been pretty much what I would have taken. I have omitted the shots she took of me prancing through the undergrowth looking for a hiding place for my cache, but other than that, we have a pretty similar eye. However, it soon became apparent when I was looking through her images, that Alex has an eye for detail too.

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