Kallepia Caving

Published 18th of May, 2018

Church Interior


The interior of the church reveals a smallish room, with the main altar in a separate alcove. I should point out that when we do venture into churches we treat them with the utmost respect. The altar and it's chamber are out of bounds, as far as we are concerned.

Special Candles


We saw similar candles to this in Agios Charalambos. I think this one is in the shape of a limb because somebody is praying that their limb heals.

Fertility Babies


Similarly, we've been told that the wax babies are to help fertility.



So, if you believe in prayer, why not say a couple for the people who have left these wax figures?

The stone indicates that the church was built, or repaired, in 1986. However, part of it has been here a lot longer.

Mystery Door


What part is that? Open this door, to find out...

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