Mikri Salamina Sculpture Park

Published 27th of November, 2018


When he was 35, Philippos went to College to study art. He wanted to learn how to be a sculptor, as this had interested him as a child. However, the teachers never got round to teaching him. They kept saying "we will do that next week", but it never happened. So, in frustration and desperation, Philippos left college, went to the library, and bought books on sculpting. He taught himself the art from those books.

The Man Tells His Story


He now knew how to make sculptures. But his next problem was the cost of making them. This was prohibitive, as the foundries charged a lot of money. Philippos, being Philippos, got around this problem by reading up on foundries until he was able to build his own. He needed to, he said, because he didn't make sculptures because he enjoyed art. He made them because they helped him forget his captivity. In his work, he is inspired by the female figure, birds and the human’s need for freedom.


All this is therapy.



Butterflies are also a common theme. They have a short life but enjoy themselves in that time.



Imagine having this in your front garden? Our house is on the route to the Polemi Tulip Fields. It would certainly cause quite a stir as people filed by. Chins would wag.

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