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We have created the following page to collate the various Corona Virus articles and news items. We will only include links to reputable news items or posts made from official sites.

Last Update: 26th March 2020 6:00PM

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Phone 1420 or the new numbers set up for Corona: 1412 and 1450
NB: 1420 is the number to phone if you think you might be infected. 1412 and 1450 are the numbers to phone if you want information.

1412 is a new number, and operates from 8AM to 8PM

Another useful number: Labour Support Packages 1433


How much has it spread? The following site has lots of stats about the virus, which countries are infected, and the survival rate etc.

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The following is an Infographic from the Cypriot Government


Finally, there ise the World Health Organisation itself. This site has just about everything else you could need.

WHO Corona Virus Site

Latest from the President

Original Source, Cyprus Mail. Text now updated from K News.

Addressing the nation on Monday night for the second time since the coronavirus pandemic broke out in Cyprus in early March, President Nicos Anastasiades announced that all unnecessary travel will be banned as of 6pm on Tuesday until April 13.

According to the televised address of the President of the Republic of Cyprus, due to the nature of the ‘invisible enemy’ and in view of the careless behaviour observed by a portion of the public, the inter-ministerial committee that convened on Monday chaired by Anastasiades decided on the following measures:

1. Prohibition of unnecessary travel from 6pm of March 24 2020 until April 13. Only the following reasons for travel are excluded from the ban:

  1. Travel to and from workplaces
  2. Travel to secure supplies of essential items from businesses or stores that are allowed to operate and that are not able to be delivered
  3. Visiting a doctors or a pharmacy
  4. Visiting the bank if electronic transactions is impossible
  5. Visiting with the aim of assisting fellow citizens who are unable to take care of themselves or are part of vulnerable groups or are in self-isolation and/or quarantine facilities.
  6. The attendance of ceremonies such as funerals, weddings and christenings by first and second degree relatives, given those present do not exceed 10 persons
  7. Leaving the house for a run or to walk pets, provided that this not done in groups of more than two people and that these travels are confined to the persons’ neighbourhoods.

Those leaving the house for any of the above reasons should carry identification at all times, as well as additional proof of the purpose of their travel.

Anastasiades said that further details on the method of inspections will be announced by the authorities at later on.

2. Also as of 6pm of March 24 2020 until April 13, the following spaces will be closed to the public:

  • Parks
  • Playgrounds
  • Open sports grounds
  • Public meeting places, including squares, dams, excursion sites, beaches, marinas

3. All retail businesses shall suspend their operations except those listed in a relevant decree to be issued by the Minister of Health within the day.

4. Open air markets, bazaars and street vending are banned

5. Works on sites other than public utility works shall be terminated, subject to the permission of the Minister of Transport, Communications and Works.

6. It is forbidden for citizens to attend religious places, such as churches, mosques or other places of worship.

7. Prohibition of the custom of the Easter bonfire called ‘lambradjia’, while wood or other materials already collected for this purpose will be immediately removed. Responsibility for enforcing the ban lies with local authorities in cooperation with the police.

The President stressed that the government will not be merciful on those violate the new measures, with violators to be issued a fine of €150.

====== UPDATE FROM FACEBOOK 24/03/2020 - 12AM ======

News just in:

Businesses that can remain open during the lockdown:
-Disability and orthopedic companies and laboratories.
-Medical laboratories and machinery
-Optics companies and laboratories.
- Hearing aids sales companies.
-Car & Motorcycle Garages.
-Tire sales companies.
- Bicycle trading and repair companies.
- Laundries.
-Couriers of postal and transport services.
- Pet shops and vets
- Tecommunication service providers(payment services, balance renewal, repair and replacement of mobile devices).
-Companies that sell fertilizer,pesticides, materials or equipment.
-Businesses that sell cars and motor vehicles.
- Companies that offer funeral services.
-Nurseries and florists.
All retailers, including the above, may provide e-commerce or telephone commerce with home delivery.
Also these will continue to operate:
• Food and beverage retailers (eg supermarkets, grocery stores, butchers, fisheries, bakeries, pastry shops, fruit markets, cellars).
• Pharmacies.
• Food and beverage services (restaurants, cafes, cafes, bars), which may offer home deliveries or drive through service.

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As from 6 am tomorrow, March 16 and for a period of four weeks the following companies must suspend their operations, Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou has announced:  The above companies can carry on administrative or other work behind closed doors, provided they adhere to all rules of hygiene....

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Clarification of What Counts as Proof

Travelling to and from Cyprus

Summary: if you fly in from the UK you will need to self-isolate for 14 days. Travel into Cyprus only permitted for residents with a valid certificate of health.

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Repatriating UK Holidaymakers:


The Cyprus government has ordered all hotels in the Republic to close on 21 March. There are still seats available on flights leaving Cyprus today (20 Mar) and tomorrow (21 Mar). This includes more seats that have been made available on additional Easyjet flights, now available to ALL. Details available here:

If you have not yet booked a flight to leave Cyprus, you are strongly advised to do so now, unless you are content to remain here under your own arrangements.

Only those requiring urgent consular assistance should contact us on +357 22 861100

The latest news from the UK Government: From the UK Foreign Office

We encourage everyone to sign up for alerts for Travel Advice: Sign Up For Alerts

For any queries please call 22861100, 24/7. Wait on the line and choose the Consular option, alternatively use the web form here: Click to Open Form

Airline News

The above was posted on the official Jet2 Facebook and Twitter Pages



Due to restrictions introduced by the local authorities, we’re sorry to advise that all holidays to Cyprus departing up to and including 24 March have unfortunately had to be cancelled. If you are due to travel in the next two days, you will receive a full refund. We are proactively contacting affected customers departing between 16 and 24 March to find a suitable alternative holiday. Customers who manage to rebook onto an alternative holiday will receive £50 per adult and £25 per child discount off their new holiday cost. If it is absolutely not possible to find a suitable alternative, customers will receive a full refund. All holidays on or after 25 March are currently operating as planned, therefore normal terms and conditions for amendments and cancellations apply. Should the restriction remain in place we will proactively contact affected customers.


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