Boiler on the blink, or have you simply run out of gas? Let these companies help you get your central heating back in business.


Need your patio scrubbed, or want to organise a professional cleaning service to look after your apartment? If you are in the Paphos area, our directory can help.


Looking for a new aircon unit or fan? Do you have one that needs maintenance?


Cyprus can get surprisingly cold in the winter, so let these companies help you keep warm.

Garden Services

Need somebody to look after your garden? Do you want new fencing, or something that requires green fingers? Take a look here.

Home Improvement

DIY can be fun but there are times when you need the professionals. If the job is too big, or you are too busy, then these Paphos companies will be able to help you improve your home and garden.


When it comes to electricity you don't want to take any risks. Let these Paphos companies assist you. They may cover different areas, so give them a call and ask.


Got a problem with your plumbing, or do you need a new shower fitting? Perhaps your septic tank needs emptying. These businesses can help.


Are you thinking of taking the plunge and emigrating to Cyprus? Or do you want to move within Paphos, or relocate back to the UK?

Latest Blog Articles

The Cats of St Theodosius

A few weeks ago we visited an Eastern Orthodox Church near Paphos Airport, as it had some interesting murals. Well, we came and saw the murals, but were conquered by a host of cute kitties that lived in the church grounds...

The Polemi Countryside

The last couple of blogs have been a bit intense, so we thought we would chill out and go for a stroll through the Polemi Countryside, and take a look at the flora, fauna, and interesting gypsum formations that can be found in our beautiful Cyprus scenery...

The Paphos to Polis Motorway - Part 2

It's time for the concluding part of our look at the planned route of the new Paphos to Polis motorway. So join us as we take a bumpy trip from Minthis Hills to Stroumpi, climbing a mountain along the way to enjoy the view...

The Paphos to Polis Motorway - Part 1

A new motorway is coming to Paphos. It will link the existing A6 motorway to the North West coast of the island, reduce travel time, and aid congestion on the B7. That's the plan, anyway. Alternatively, it will destroy precious natural areas and be an expensive waste of money. We decided to take a look at the proposed route for ourselves, so now at least you will know exactly where the motorway will go. Possibly.

Latest News Articles

Flu vaccination programme begins on Friday, 10,000 shots in stock, more to come

The health ministry received 10,000 flu vaccines on Monday, and another batch of 10,000 will be delivered by the end of this month, it said.

According to an announcement, the remaining 58,000 will be delivered in the coming weeks and the process will be completed by mid-November.

MPs to ditch 20-year-old law banning electric cars on highway

AMENDMENTS to a 1999 law forbidding electric cars on highways are expected to be discussed by the House plenum in one of its coming sessions.

Parliament guarantees rights of UK nationals for GMI and employee rights

Two regulations guaranteeing the rights of UK nationals living in Cyprus were passed by the House plenum on Friday.

The first regulation guarantees that UK nationals who by the date of Brexit, set for October 31, are beneficiaries of a guaranteed minimum income (GMI), will retain the right to continue receiving the benefit after the UK’s exit from the EU.

Cypriot organisations join forces to demand British woman in Napa rape case is f

A group of organisations has asked the attorney-general to suspend the prosecution of a 19-year-old British woman charged with public nuisance after she claimed she had been raped by 12 Israeli tourists in July in Ayia Napa.