Car Dealers

Buying or selling a car in Paphos? Our directory of Car Dealers will help. Make sure you shop around to get the best deal, and insist on a warranty.

Car Hire

There are a multitude of car hire firms in Paphos. The cheapest option is not always the best, so shop around and take note of the reputation as well as the price.

Car Mechanic

In Paphos you need to know where the good car mechanics are. Whether you have engine problem, need a new tyre, or want your aircon gassed, our directory will be able to help.


In Cyprus, your MOT needs renewing every two years. These companies in the Paphos region will be able to help.


If you are looking for a motorbike in Paphos then this is the section for you. We had even included a biker bar.

Taxi Services

Taxis can have a bad reputation when you are visiting a foreign country. Taxi services in Paphos are no different, so use our guide to find the best taxi firms Paphos has to offer.

Bike Shops

Cycling is increasingly popular in Paphos, for pros and amateurs alike. These shops will make sure your wheels are in good shape.

Latest Blog Articles

Akamas Sunshine

The sun shone brightly this morning, so we took the opportunity to go for a drive on the Akamas. There's been a lot of rain, but as a result of this, the Akamas is looking gorgeous at the moment...

Love Is Like A Butterfly

The butterflies have been keeping us all amused over the last few weeks. The Painted Ladies have been flying from Africa to Continental Europe, and stopping off in Cyprus to say hello...

Evretou Reservoir Is Full!

She took her time, but Evretou Reservoir is now full! On a glorious, sunny Friday morning, I took my camera out to record the moment, and Evretou didn't disappoint. It has taken me a long time to whittle down the pictures I took for this blog, but here are a selection of the best.

Chasing a Rainbow

This morning I set off with a view to photographing Evretou Overspill, as it is due to overflow any moment now. I got a bit distracted along the way, and ended up chasing a lovely rainbow...

Latest News Articles

Hotel proprietor threatens to jump off roof

The proprietor of a hotel in Paphos is threatening to jump off its roof after the administration of Turkish Cypriot properties decided to take back the property, reports said on Tuesday.

The man climbed on the roof after members of the administration went to the hotel in the morning to take possession of the establishment.

Justice minister pressured to resign over mine murders

Justice minister Ionas Nicolaou was on Monday facing down calls that he step down, on the back of reports that under his watch police bungled investigations into at least two missing Filipino women – since found dead – and following revelations that he disregarded warnings about disappearing domestic workers months ago.

Weather to become warmer and sunnier

Much warmer and sunnier weather than Cyprus has experienced lately is forecast for this week, with a low-pressure system giving way to a high-pressure system by Tuesday.

Police chief: an unprecedented form of crime for Cyprus (Update 1)

Search teams returned to the Mitsero mine and the lake at Xyliatos on Monday to search for a missing six-year-old girl whose mother was found dead in a water-filled shaft with the body of another woman, as police said it would be premature to speculate on the scale of the crime.