Spring Blossom And Flowers

Published 20th of February, 2022

On saturday we went for a drive through the Paphos Countryside, to take in some nature. We had primarily set out to photograph blossom, but got distracted on the way by the floral displays which Paphos has an abundance of at this time of year.

Blooming Wonder


On Friday I did a driving film that took me across the valleys of Paphos. I noticed along the way that - particularly around Nata and Episkopi - there was a fair amount of blossom about. So on Saturday, after doing a recycling run to the Koloni Green Point, we took the scenic route back to Polemi via the Asprokremmos Reservoir. The aim was to drive up to Choletria then across the valleys to Episkopi. However, along the way, we came across this beautiful field full of flowers, so we stopped to photograph it.

Vineyard Flowers


Unfortunately the Sun was a bit shy this morning, and kept dipping behind clouds whenever we found a nice scene. Flowers always look at their best in bright sunshine, I think. However, we persevered and managed to get a few images.

Prune Required


There is a vineyard in front of our house, as anybody who has seen the Polemi webcam will no doubt know. One thing that always amazes me is how much nurturing the vines require. Every Spring, each vine gets pruned by the farmer. They go round clipping each twig off individually. It is a tiresome task, but essential for a decent crop. This farmer clearly hasn't got to this field yet. The vines are looking a bit straggly still.

Close Up


Naturally, Alex supplied the close-up.

Many Yellows


At some point in the not-to-distant future, a lot of the abandoned villages around Paphos will be bathed in a sea of yellow. Foinikas is not quite ready yet, but imagine what it will looked like when the ruins are adorned with that yellow you see in the centre of the picture. It will be a challenge to photograph this year, but I will certainly try my best.

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