Pano Akourdaleia Nature Trail

Published 22nd of December, 2022

This year I've spend a fair bit of time exploring the countryside around Akourdaleia. It fascinates me, partly because of its staggering beauty, and partly because it is unknown to most people. A huge gorge runs between it and Kritou Terra, yet it is invisible from any of the main roads. While investigating this gorge, I came across a Nature Trail I hadn't heard of before. So come with me as I explore it.

Akourdaleia Gorge


This is part of Akourdaleia's hidden gorge. Doesn't it look magnificent? Yet from the B7 you would have no idea it was there. I will cover it in another article, as I have not yet finished exploring it, but the aforementioned road lies not far below the bottom of this shot.

If you do want to get a look at it without the help of a drone, drive up to the top of the Evretou Reservoir. There is a water tank there, and if you park you can get great views all round. I remember standing there and seeing this gorge, and wondering what the heck it was. At the time I assumed it was the gorge at Kritou Terra.

Exploring The Gorge By Drone


The gorge itself is very isolated, and I only found it while I was exploring a trail from Kritou Terra. I wrote about that when I covered the church and watermill that is nearby. See below for a link to that. While I was at the church I sent the drone upstream and when I did so I couldn't help but notice this track that ran along the side of the gorge.

Map View


Using satellite view I could see that the track seemed to run all the way down to the bottom of the gorge. If you see the "V" in Villa Zephyrus and go down from that, you come to the start.

No-Through Road


To get to the start of the track, I had to drive down to Pano Akourdaleia from Kathikas, and turn left here. It leads to a dead end with a farm track.

Interesting Sign


Don't bother try driving down the farm track. It doesn't go very far, and after this sign just leads to a Green Dump. Instead, walk here, and take a look.

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