The Anerades Nature Trail

Published 29th of October, 2019

Continuing our look around the countryside near Miliou, we are going on a walk up this gorgeous nature trail. You have three options on this route. On this occasion we take the blue pill, so join us as we ascend a lovely gorge...

A Familiar Sight


If you have used our Road Trip #2, you will have seen this sign on your journey. If you take the B7 from Paphos or Polis, you will eventually come to signposts for a sulphur spa and Miliou. If you take that road, you will soon be at this location. It is just past the Sulphur Spring nature trail we wrote about in our last blog. If you only have time for one walk, do the one we are about to show you. It really is spectacular.

Choose Your Route


There is a convenient map at the start of the trail. You start on the far right. You want to take the track that goes straight across the map. You can then choose to do the shortest (yellow) route, half way up the trail, or to go all the way to the top of the gorge. In total the long route is only a couple of miles, so be bold. Incidentally, if you are tempted to to the route in reverse, I wouldn't. They are all circular, but the route up the middle is designed to help you ascend. It would be trickier coming down that way.

On this walk we shall take the blue route.

Easy Does It


At the start of the trail you are walking up a farm track. Later on you will be on a footpath which can get muddy in places, so wear appropriate footwear and carry a bottle of water with you. In the height of summer you may well want a few bottles. However, the route is mainly in the shade, so it won't be a scorcher.

Lovely Countryside


The countryside around here really is lovely. Personally I think it is one of the most beautiful areas in Cyprus, but we all have our favourites.

Mysterious Railway?


I got excited at this point as I thought I had stumbled across an ancient narrow-gauge railway. But I think it was actually a ladder.

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