Chrysochou Gorge

Published 24th of October, 2020

Let's move away from tourist spots and go and explore some random countryside. We found this while trying to avoid a Cyprus Traffic Jam on the way back from Chrysochou Green Point.

A Field Near Chrysochou


So, we visited the Green Point, and planned to return the scenic route which we have shown you previously. Unfortunately, a goat herd was bringing his animals down it, presumably to the nearby goat farm. So we decided to find an alternate route. We headed to Chrysochou and took the first viable turning we could find. This led us through quite a few freshly harvested fields before we came to a dead end, in this corner of a field. I got out to have a look around, and was pleasantly surprised with what lurked to the left of this shot...

Hidden Gorge


Completely invisible from a distance, there appeared to be a small gorge down there. The sides were very steep, but I managed to battle down through the thistles and ferocious spider webs.

I should point out that while this blog is called "Chrysochou Gorge", that is not an official name. If you ask anybody for directions they will give you a blank look. I just named it that for convenience.

Rain Needed


And here we are! I have been looking for mystery gorges to explore for ages, without success. So far, all the spots I uncovered were full of inpenetrable vegetation.

And I found one today when I wasn't even looking!



Ok, so it is no Avakas, or Cheddar. But it is still a lot of fun to explore.

Natural Pool


I soon came across this pile of rocks, which formed a natural pool. Well it would have, had there been any rain. I must return to this place after the winter rains. It would be fantastic to see a torrent running through here...

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