Droushia Lowlands

Published 20th of July, 2020

Droushia is a village of many charms, and recent roadworks. There is an abandoned village nearby too, which we set out to explore for this blog. Rather typically, we got distracted along the way, so today we bring you a report on what lies in the countryside below.

How Green Is My Valley?


We begin our journey above the Chrysochou Green Point. I think they have a new member of staff here now, as I got a little chit when I took my Oleander clippings here before we embarked on our journey. Unfortunately, the particular road we were on ended rather abruptly. I was hoping it would get us to Polis, and a petrol station. Instead we had to do an about turn. Fortunately, whoever had started building the road, also had the decency to build a turning area into the hill, so we didn't have to reverse.

One Of My Favourite Trees


While we were at our dead-end, Alex snapped this picture of a tree I had admired many times before. If I had taken it with the 360 camera I would assume it was a stitching error.

Appreciate The Gravity Of The Situation


So, we had hit a dead end. I could have returned the Green Point road and driven into Polis that way. Instead I drove up to the other Polis Road. This is the junction to the church I blogged about a couple of months ago (see link below). While we were here I wanted to drive up the track opposite (to the right on this photo) as you can get some really nice views of the rocks below Droushia from here.

Rocky Picture Show


And there you have it, well, some of them at least. The landscape around Droushia is very interesting. Indeed, the road behind us is known as the Gravity Road, because of an optical illusion that makes balls run uphill. You have to be there.

Distant Droushia


Of course, when you are out exploring areas like this, you need to be on the lookout for snakes, and vicious flora with lots of spikes and thorns. The views are worth it though, as are the smells of nature. I am not talking about smelly goats, but the beautiful aromas of the herbs that grow wild here.

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