St Anastasia Sulphur Spring

Published 25th of October, 2019

If you have driven from Paphos to Polis along the B7, you will probably have smelled the Sulphur Springs around Miliou as you drove past. It is a bit challenging but is thankfully soon replaced by the smell of the orange orchards which make up most of the surrounding farmland. When we we visiting the area a few days ago, we spotted a ramblers' sign pointing to the spring, so naturally we stopped to investigate...

Spot The Sign


If you follow the sign to the Sulphur Spa from the B7, just below Giolou, you will end up at this spot. The road continues to the spa, and another, smaller lane leads left. You can see a sign to the spring in the forefront of the picture.

You will also get to this spot if you are doing our second road trip, as this goes through the area as well. Note that the sign says no cars or motorbikes. You can in fact drive a portion of the way, but to be honest you are better off parking around here and walking it. The walk to the spring is fairly short.

Turn Right Here


If you hate walking on roads don't worry, we will soon be going on a path. You need to follow the sign here, and descend into the gorge.



There's the gorge we will be walking through. To be honest, it looks more imposing from here than it actually was.

The Real Start


When you reach the bottom, the walk properly begins. As I said, it won't take long, but on the way back, don't go left here, as it doesn't lead back to the spa area. Instead it loops round above the gorge and goes in the opposite direction. It is a lovely route, which we will cover in a couple of blogs, but for now, just register the fact that to get back to the spa you need to retrace your steps from here.

Another thing to note is that funny little building you can see. Behind that is a tractor, which appears to be driving a pump.

Get Your Money's Worth


It looks like the farmer needed an engine more than a tractor. This one has been rigged to run some sort of pumping system. I love how ingenious the locals can get with their farming equipment. We often see odd looking devices that have been canibalised from a myriad of different vehicles. My Dad would love it.

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