Chantara Falls

Published 5th of July, 2018

This waterfall, tucked in the woods behind the mountain village of Foini, has long been a favourite of ours. You can either pay it a quick visit, and have a paddle in the lower falls, or, if you are a bit more adventurous, you can climb the steps to the upper falls, and take a dip. The really adventurous can go beyond that, and have a stream-hopping adventure through the ancient woodland...

Park Here


Chantara Falls can be reached from the main road just past Foini. It is well signposted, though the road to it is a bit bumpy. If you don't want to risk your car you can always park by the main road and walk up. It is a nice route and not too far.

Should you arrive by car, I suggest you turn around at this point and park facing the way you came. The waterfalls are on the route of some of the safari tours, and if they arrive while you are visiting, you may find it hard to turn around. So sort out your exit strategy before exploring.

I have also made a Panoramic virtual tour of the route we take in this blog. It will give you a much better feel of the scenery, so please do take a look at it.

Lower Falls


We first found these falls a few years ago. Since then, their popularity has increased a bit. On a few visits there have been communal barbecues taking place here. However, on most visits we haven't had to contend with many other tourists, and most don't stay long.

Approaching The Falls


There used to be a picnic bench to the left of the falls. These days, the best option for a picnic is to sit on the wall to the right.

Seasonal Falls


These pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago. Obviously, in winter, there will be more water. However, Spring and early Summer have thrown up some funny weather patterns this year, with a fair amount of rain. So the falls still have plenty of water to impress.

Fancy A Paddle?


In autumn this looks slightly different. The deciduous foliage sheds its leaves and the area takes on a distinct, brown hue.

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