Simou Church

Published 12th of November, 2018

A few sundays ago we were lucky enough to be visiting Simou when they were preparing for a Christening. The church which is normally locked, was open, so we had a quick look inside, and were stunned with what we found...

Simou Square


One of the great pleasures about life in Cyprus is being able to drive to a random village and dine at a local tavern. A few sundays ago, we decided to visit Simou for our sunday lunch. While we sat in the square we couldn't help but notice the surrounding decorations. On enquiring we found that there was to be a christening in the local church!



We love the tavern in Simou Square. The food is delicious and they are very relaxed. It's the kind of place where the menu is more of a hopeful guide than a definitive list of what you can order. Today, the lady serving us was completely on her own, as her husband was out on an errand. So she was our waitress and chef. Judging be the online reviews, this is not the usual state of affairs. Perhaps they are more of an evening venue?

We normally bring a pack of playing cards with us when we eat out, so we didn't mind waiting for the food to be freshly cooked from scratch. I went for the ribs, and they were delicious, with a lovely chilli sauce.

But this isn't about the food. While we were waiting, in between card games, I took the camera for a wander.

The Church


We had already blogged about Simou last year. However, we had visited on a weekday then, and the church had been locked. I wondered if it would be open on a sunday, especially as there was a Christening in the air?

The Door


So we approached the door to see if it would open...


I think that means the church was built in 1949. So, what does it look like inside?

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