The Paphos to Polis Motorway - Part 2

Published 3rd of October, 2019

To The Map (Again)


Ok, so that was a summary of what we will be seeing. Let's get back to those maps. If you recall, for each map that the authorities produced, I do a complementary map that shows where the photographs were taken. To be honest, this is as much for my benefit as it is yours.

You're Welcome


When I was out taking pictures for the blog, I visited an awful lot of similar looking valleys. Without numbering my shots I would never know which picture was from which valley. To be honest, I don't think anybody would notice if I transposed a couple of images anyway (except maybe Max!), but I like to be as accurate as possible.

So, onto the first image...

Minthis Excavations


The second part of our journey begins where we finished part 1. The motorway is coming up this valley, just about where I am standing, and in to the hill behind me.

Distant Hill


It will go through there, more or less following the course of the pylons. Incidentally, I make no apologies if the tunnel is actually 20 metres to the right of that. These shots are only supposed to give you a general idea.

Tunnel View


That's where the tunnel will enter. Above it you can just see the European E4 Long Distance Path. It goes through Minthis Hills before descending into the Ezousa Valley.

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