Chasing A Rainbow

Published 11th of April, 2019

This morning I set off with a view to photographing Evretou Overspill, as it is due to overflow any moment now. I got a bit distracted along the way, and ended up chasing a lovely rainbow...

The Road to Stroumpi


I started off today driving down the back road to Stroumpi. I was sure Evretou would be overflowing. We had checked a few days ago and it was close, and there had been a lot of rain since. Indeed, it was raining now, and as a result, I could see the beginnings of rainbow.


As I got closer to Stroumpi the rainbow got more pronounced.

View From Stroumpi


By the time I passed through Stroumpi, the rainbow was looking very nice indeed.

Two Rainbows


At this point, it looked like there was a pot of gold in a field near Stroumpi, but as I got closer to it, the rainbow danced over the hill.

B7 Bother


On the hill down to Giolou, I got distracted by the collapsed road. It looks like a scene from a disaster movie.

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