Polis Beach

Published 5th of July, 2019



We were therefore very pleased to see it looking so beach-like, when we visited. For want of a better word.

Troubled Past


The municipality has done a tremendous job in recovering it from this state. It is a stark reminder of just how much rain we had over the winter though. I think Cyprus narrowly avoided a natural disaster which most of the population didn't even notice. Cyprus often gets criticised for the slow speed with which things happen here (bizarre really, when you consider that "slower pace of life" is one of the big draws), but we have nothing but praise for the way the various roads and embankments have been repaired since the flooding. And it is still ongoing. Driving through the valleys we are continually using roads which up until a few weeks ago had been washed away or buried in landslides.

Stepping Stones


Here you can see the stepping stones in action. However, I want to point out the sign to the left of the blue flag.



This is the same sign, a few months ago.

Parking Spots?


I have no idea what these stone lines are here for. Possibly some kids game, or perhaps sibling rivalry? I could imagine a child building their own private area only to have their brother build one right next to it just to annoy them.

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