Paphos Coast Path - Part 2 - St Nicholas Chapel to Pachyammos Beach

Published 19th of June, 2024

In Part 2 of our walk along Paphos Coast Path, we begin at St Nicholas Chapal and walk along the Coast Boardwalk all the way to Pachyammos Beach.

The Main Path


Starting at St Nicholas Chapel, we are now entering the main Hotel Strip. If you missed the first part of the article, use the link below.

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This Way


First up is the Pioneer Beach Hotel. The grounds here are lovely. We will be mentioning all the hotels along the route during the course of this series. However, you can also see them using our Definitive 2024 Guide to the Hotel Strip.

Beach Shelters


There are some nice cabanas here, amongst the Sun Beds. You will find a lot of these along the course of the Coast Path. I imagine they are reserved for guests at the attached hotels.

And one final link is in order. If you want to see the film version of this article:

Film of Paphos Coastal Path - Part 2 - St Nicholas Chapel to Pachyammos Beach

Palm Paradise


It should be noted that I normally take my pictures and record my films fairly early in the day. This is for two reasons. Firstly, it is cooler then. Secondly, there are less people around. Not everybody likes being photographed, and it is important to respect people's privacy. This is a lot easier to do when it isn't crowded.

Pretty Plinths


The little beach here has lovely concrete plinths which have palm trees growing from them.

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