Paphos Coast Path - Part 1 - Geroskipou Beach to St Nicholas Chapel

Published 18th of June, 2024

In this series of articles we are going to walk the length of the Paphos Coast Path as far as we can. We know we can go from Geroksipou to Sandy Beach in Lempa, but is it possible to get any further than that? In the first part we start at Geroskipou Beach and walk to St Nicholas Chapel.

Riccos Beach Bar


Our journey begins at Geroskipou Beach, which is at the far end of the Hotel Strip. Technically, the Coast Path actully starts a bit west of here, at the Louis Phaethon Beach Resort. Indeed, it could be argued that it doesn't actually begin until you get to St Nicholas Chapel and the Pioneer Beach Hotel. But if you want to walk the whole length, I think you should do it properly, so we are beginning here.

There are a couple of links that go with this article. We will repeat them at the end too.

This article accompanies a film we made. Use the link below to view that:

Paphos Coast Path - Part 1 - Geroskipou Beach to St Nicholas Chapel

If you want to see the entire route from here to the Harbour, in about 4 minutes, then see our Hyperlapse film:

Geroskipou Beach to Paphos Harbour Hyperlapse

Up Coast


We recently published an article on Geroskipou Beach, so I won't be covering it in much detail here. This is the view from Riccos Beach Bar towards Thea and Cabana though. Incidentally, somebody moaned on Facebook that this beach was unsafe for children. This is complete and utter tosh. It is a lovely, family-friendly beach, which has an artificial reef stretching most of its course. Not only that, but there are several Life Guard Stations. It is probably one of the safest beaches in Paphos.

The Atlantida


We said in the aforementioned article that the Atlantida was a popular wedding venue. It looks like they were preparing some decoarions when I walked past on my travels.

Messing About In The Water


Before you get to the Hotel though, there is an area dedicated to Water Sports.

Swimming Lessons


I don't mean the Jet-Ski hiring type of Water Sports, though there is a centre for that by the Hotel too. But here there appeared to be organised swimming and sailing lessons.

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