Paphos Coast Path - Part 3 - Pachyammos to SODAP Beach

Published 20th of June, 2024

In Part 3 of our epic adventure, we begin at Pachyammos Beach and head up to SODAP Beach.

Louis Imperial Beach Resort


We begin Part 3 of our big adventure by looking at Louis Imperial Beach Hotel. It lies directly opposite Pachyammos Beach.

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Pachyammos Beach


This beach is very good for people with young kids. The sea is sheltered behind a natural ridge of rocks creating a large pool to protect your tots.



The bar here claims that the beach is called Korkoloues. Given that that translates as "corkscrews" I think a little artistic license might be being applied here.

Car Park


Just west of the beach is a large car park. Drive slowly should you enter it though, as it can be very bumpy. On the other side of the Coast Path to it you will find a Municipal Beach.

Towards Paphos


Beyond the Car Park, the Coast Path continues on its way to the Sea Front.

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