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Published 17th of June, 2020

Cyprus is beginning to open again, and so are its beaches. How are they going to cope with social distancing on the sunbeds and the surrounding restaurants? We went out to explore the blue flag beaches that Paphos has to offer, to see what the score was. In Part 1 we go from Geroskipou to the main municipal beach...

Geroskipou Sun


First of all, let's establish a timeline. We took this first set of pictures on Friday 12th June, at around lunch time. We started near Riccos Bar because that was where we began the film we made last year, showing a sped-up walk from here to the harbour. Paphos has a number of Blue Flag beaches along its coast, and two of them are right here.

Laiki Paralia Beach


This is the first beach, and it is pretty empty at the moment. You can see some pictures of it in busier times in our beaches directory. I will include a link below. I will also include the virtual tour so you can have a quick peek without leaving this blog.

Visit the Laiki Paralia Beach Page

Virtual Tour

We did the tour last year before we got our swanky new 360 camera, but you get the picture...

Towards Geroskipou Beach


Sometimes, it is difficult to tell where one blue flag beach ends and the next one begins. There are two along this strip, but at least three banks of sunbeds.

Improved Disabled Access


This is new. I think the only one of these I saw when I first did the beaches directory last year, was near Polis. It is good to see more of them appearing. You can also see the artificial reef in the water. They built these a few years ago and make the coastline a lot safer.

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