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Published 17th of June, 2020

Geroskipou Beach


This is interesting. When I saw this I was impressed that they had gone to the trouble to move the sunbeds further apart, in the spirit of social distancing. However, if you look at the virtual tour below, you can see that last year, they were also fairly wide apart. So for Geroskipou at least, the beaches already were socially distant, for want of a better word.

Riccos Bar


I couldn't tell if the famous bar was open or closed. The toilets are nice and new though.

Keep It Clean


This is also new. There was disinfectant here. Presumably, this is how they keep the sunbeds clean between uses. I was impressed to see the prices hadn't gone up. It was still the usual €2.50/€2.50.

Ready And Waiting


So if you were thinking of heading to Geroskipou Beach, first be assured that they are ready and waiting for you, and second be assured that they are taking the pandemic seriously, and you will be looked after.

More Information

Here's the virtual tour. You can see more pics in the link below.

Visit the Geroskipou Beach Page

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