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Published 28th of May, 2021

Round The Back


Anyway, I walked around the church to see the view. On the way there I noted that not only was this door locked, but it had a spider cobweb in the lock. This indicated that the door hadn't been opened for some time, which surprised me.

Towards The Old Dump


Lets take a look at some of those views. In this one you can see the route we drove in our blog "Marathounta Shortcut".

Distant Wilderness


This is in the direction of the wilderness area we recently wrote an article on.

Forthcoming Motorway


This shot shows where the new motorway will come.

Drone Tour

We made a quick virtual tour using the drone, that really shows the views off. Go full screen if you have the option.

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There's an area near Paphos that is surprisingly remote. I had been meaning to explore it for some time. And now, as they will be starting work on the nearby motorway soon, I thought it was the ideal time to visit. You may never get to Mars, but if you want a feel for what it might be like, you could do worse than take a walk through the countryside near Marathounta.

Marathounta Shortcut

During lockdown we have to get our thrills where we can. So when we have to do mundane tasks such as taking the garden waste down to the local recycling centre, we try and make the best of it. Here then, is a picturesque route down to Konia Green Point.

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A new motorway is coming to Paphos. It will link the existing A6 motorway to the North West coast of the island, reduce travel time, and aid congestion on the B7. That's the plan, anyway. Alternatively, it will destroy precious natural areas and be an expensive waste of money. We decided to take a look at the proposed route for ourselves, so now at least you will know exactly where the motorway will go. Possibly.

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