Old Paphos in 2021 Part 1

Published 31st of March, 2021

The Old Town has been undergoing a facelift over the last few years, and the work is still continuing. So we thought it about time we had another look around. The good news is that the Old Town is open for business. What's missing at the moment, is you. Over the next few blogs we will show you exactly what you are missing, so jump in and have a look around...

Start Here


We begin our tour in the car park below the main Old Paphos bus stop. A new kiosk has sprung up here. This is also one of the feeding points used by the Paphos Cat Lady. Indeed, this was the place I first met her. I was taking a picture of a cat with a 360 camera, which looks like a stick. She thought I was trying to hit it, so was understandably quite cross with me. Once I explained what it was she was fine. But mess with the cats here at your peril. They are protected!

The Road Ahead


Rather than walk up that hill, we are headed towards the domed structure that looks like a church.

Ottoman Hamam


It's actually a Turkish Bath. Well, it isn't. It was built in medieval times in the Ottoman style. It functioned as a baths until the 1950s, and was renovated in 2015.

When you see blue underlined text, it means I have added a link to our companion site OldPafos.com. If you click on the link it will take you to a panoramic shot of the location, taken a couple of years ago.

History Of Paphos


There is a walkway behind the baths that takes you to the top. We wrote a blog on this a few years ago. There is a link to it in the rather long list of related blogs at the foot of the page.



This blog was originally going to be in three parts. Part 1 was everything to the left of the main road through Old Paphos. That's the road just to the right of this picture. Part 2 was everything to the right of that road, and left of the road that runs past Kennedy Square down to Kato Paphos. Part 3 was everything on the right of that. If that is as clear as mud, there is a map at the end of this blog that shows the exact route.

And as it turns out, I have had to split part 1 up, as I took nearly 100 pictures. So I have no idea how many parts there will be in total.

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