Old Pafos in 2019 - Part 2

Published 1st of July, 2019

This is the concluding part of our blog on our latest stroll around Old Pafos. We start in Kennedy Square and head via a roundabout route to the indoor market, before concluding the walk at Ibrahim's Khan. On the way we shall revisit some old friends and look at some of the shops and restaurants that are helping to bring life into the new Old Paphos.

Near Kennedy Square


We left the first blog by the old Police Station. If you cross the road there and head to Kennedy Square you will soon reach this fountain. It looks lovely, but to see it at its best you really should have a night time viewing. The jets are illuminated in blue-white light and it is stunning. And at Christmas this scene looks even better as the main tree will be in the background.

However, on a hot summer's morning, it still looks pretty good.

On Kennedy Square


We've crossed the road now (taking care!) and are going to have a quick look at a specific mural-heavy area. To get there we walk down one of the main Old Town thoroughfares; Arch Makarious III St.

Mural View


In case you were wondering, most of the murals in Old Town were created during Street Art Festivals that ran in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Street Art Square 2015


Given that these murals are four years old, I think they are holding up pretty well. You can see more blogs about the murals in the links at the foot of the page.


Past the murals we turn right up this alley. I want to see if the fountain at Palia Ilektriki is switched on again. Last time we visited it was switched off.

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