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Published 29th of October, 2018

It has been several months in the making but we are pleased to announce that our new site on the Old Town of Paphos is now up and running! Now you can enjoy a virtual tour of over 200 panoramic images, and get lost in the winding streets as you take a virtual stroll. All that is missing is the aroma of souvlaki!



Yay! Finally the new website is live. We've mentioned it a few times in recent blogs, so this is just a quick blog to introduce it to you. In a nutshell, the new site lets you virtually explore the Old Town using 360 degree panoramic virtual tour. There is also a directory of shops and restaurants.

The Virtual Tour


There are two ways to experience the tour. The most immersive method is to just jump right in by clicking the TOUR option. You will then see a map of Old Town, and you can pick a starting location. After that, just wander around to your heart's content. You go from image to image by clicking the white circles. You can see one in the image above, but don't bother trying to click it as it is just a screen shot.

It is highly likely that you will get lost if you use the tour. This shows you how authentic it is! If you want a more structured approach to viewing the tour, then go to the Showcase.

Meet The Showcase


The Showcase gives you another way of exploring Old Town Paphos. It uses Google Maps to show you where all the images were taken, and highlights some of the more interesting locations. You can click on the locations to begin the tour at that specific place.

Location Information


If you select a specific location, you will also get more information, including high resolution photographs and back stories. We are adding more photos and stories all the time. This is definitely ongoing.

Shop And Restaurant Directories


As well as the virtual tour, there are also shopping and restaurant directories. Over time this will get more comprehensive but already it is an invaluable shopping resource.

We shall also be adding an Events section soon, so you will be able to find out what's on in the Old Town BEFORE it actually happens.

At Paphos Life, we love the Old Town. You only have to look at all the related blogs we have already written about the area to see that. Our aim is for this website to help promote both the existing businesses and new ventures, as they come through the stresses of the regeneration process. So once you have had a look at our tour, be sure to visit the Old Town in person. You won't be disappointed.

Updating oldPafos.com with photographs, more stories and locations will be an ongoing process. Every time we visit we find something new. If you think there is something we have missed, then don't be silent. Let us know!

Go to OldPafos.com

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