Droushia Blossom

Published 11th of February, 2021

Interesting Nook


There are some interesting rock formations in that hole you can see there.

The Helmet Rides Again!


It is actually quite difficult writing a blog using pictures somebody else has taken. Normally I construct a rough narrative in my head as I am taking the pictures. So forgive me if I take a back seat and let the pictures do the talking.

Distant Hills


Social Distancing


And yes, while we visited, we were observing social distancing rules. This wasn't difficult, as we only saw four people in total. At one point, two young men arrived in a car, had a whistle-stop tour of the rocks, then vanished with screeching tyres. They were followed a quarter of an hour later by a couple of hikers.

Early Orchids


Each Spring Cyprus is blessed with a host of orchids. They have started early this year too.

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Droushia is a village of many charms, and recent roadworks. There is an abandoned village nearby too, which we set out to explore for this blog. Rather typically, we got distracted along the way, so today we bring you a report on what lies in the countryside below.

Spring is in The Air!

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If you only visit in the heat of summer, you could be forgiven for thinking that a lot of Cyprus is like a desert; brown and arid. However, the truth is somewhat different. During Spring, most of Cyprus is green, as recent blogs will have shown. Not only that, but spring flowers come out to bloom, painting the hills and valleys with a sea of colour. If you are lucky, or you know where to look, you will also come across fields of orchids...

Kato Paphos In Springtime.

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