Calm Seas

Published 17th of October, 2021

The sea was unusually calm on Saturday. I had a couple of hours free so took my camera out to photograph it for posterity. I started at the edge of the Akamas, and headed to the Sea You Beach Bar in Kissonerga.

Agios Georgios


I should point out that since these pictures were taken, the whether has since clouded over a bit and this could quite literally be the calm before the storm.

That Island Again


Yeronissos Island features in a lot of our blogs, as it is a very prominent landmark. As you can see, we are fairly close to it here. We are actually in the car park by Agios Georgios Church, in Agios Georgios.

Agios Georgios Harbour


I love the harbour here. It is great for swimming too, especially if you want to see a turtle.

Cape Drepanum


In this shot you can see the ancient tombs of Cape Drepanum in the top right. We blogged about them a few years ago. To find out more see the links below this article.

Harbour Murals


The harbour is nicely decorated with these colourful murals.

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