The Wreck of the Edro III

Published 11th of March, 2021

On a dark and stormy night, back in the winter of 2011, a ship set sail from Limassol with a cargo of plasterboard, bound for Greece. It experienced difficulties near the Sea Caves area, and ran aground in a rather picturesque strip of coastline. Thankfully, all hands were saved, and overnight, a new tourist attraction was born.

The Edro From Above


The Edro III is a very popular sight to see. While we were making footage for this article, I snapped a couple of pictures with my phone and uploaded them to Facebook. They received over 500 likes in a few hours, and people posted their own pictures to complement mine. They just love this wreck!


And what's not to love? Coupled with a great location, this boat makes a great photo opportunity. Throw in a sunset for good measure, and it is impossible not to get brilliant images.

For this blog, we have also used our drone, so you get to see the wreck from angles not so familiar.


There will also be a film, which you can see towards the end.

Oniro By The Sea


Next to the wreck is a restaurant which by all accounts is very good. This shot here shows the Oniro on the right, nestled behind some trees. In front of that you can see a parking area. As we arrived to take our pictures, we witnessed a very odd sight. A car was being driven down the road on a truck. That in itself isn't odd. However, had we arrived half an hour earlier we would have seen the car drive off the cliff edge here into the sea. Apparently the poor driver forgot to put their handbrake on. Fortunately, according to the press reports, they weren't seriously injured.

So if you drive here to see the wreck, make sure you put your handbrake on. One wreck is enough!


The drone also has the ability to take panoramas, so here is a little virtual tour of the bay.

Incidentally, if you want to explore the sea caves area and fancy seeing a bit more of the island as well, take a look at our second road trip ebook. It goes here before going all the way to Aphrodite's Baths, via some picturesque villages and countryside.

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