Stormy Seas

Published 2nd of January, 2020

Paphos took a bit of a battering over Christmas. The storms were relentless and nature put on a display the match of any New Year's Eve pyrotechnics. Once the dust had settled, we took our cameras out for a spin. This is the blog of the film we published a couple of days ago...

Riccos Beach


We shall start our little journey at Riccos' Beach Bar. I shall start with a bit of a confession too. Every time I have gone past Ricco's Bar, it always looks the same to me. Yet people say it used to be a mess but has now been done up. I can see there are new toilets next to it, but to me, the bar itself looks the same as always. Am I missing something?

Seasonal Seaweed


As well as the plethora of pebbles that now adorn the beach, the seasonal seaweed has arrived en-masse. There were reports in the press last year of some young entrepreneurs who were going to make use of all this vegetation by converting it into heating briquettes, or something similar. I wonder if anything ever came of that? Apparently it doesn't make very good compost.



That raft seems to have survived the storms ok.

Poor Tugboat


The same cannot be said for this poor tugboat. Presumably it has hit a rock at some point and is slowly sinking.

Rest In Peace


According to a comment on the film we made, this tugboat has now sunk completely. The picture itself is quite interesting. The grey clouds coupled with the grey waters give the impression that it is shot in black and white, but it is a regular colour picture. I found that lighting levels changed dramatically on this trip.

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