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Published 31st of December, 2018

Well, we blinked, and another year has flown by. Let's take a look back through a selection of the year's blogs and look at some of the highlights. Did you like the carnival? Were those caves a bit scary? Did the turtles look really cute on Lara beach? Did Cyprus throw up some stunning scenery for us all to enjoy? Oh yes...

Tsada The Scenic Way


As Paphos Life comes to the end of it's second year, it is time for our now annual roundup of blogs. We published nearly 100 blogs last year, believe it or not, and this is a selection of some of our favourites. Each picture will have a link to the blog it came from. If you click on that link, the blog will open in a separate window. If you are visiting Cyprus in the future, and want to know what it will look like, remember that the blogs are in chronological order, so just look back and see what we were taking pictures of at the time...

Our first trip in the New Year saw us taking the scenic route from Paphos to Tsada. It also came in handy when we wanted to avoid the B7 roadworks...

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Polemi Sunrise


We are forever in awe of the countryside where we live. In the winter mornings, the hills and valleys around Polemi take on a mystical charm of their own, which we tried to capture here...

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Argaka Overflow


The reservoirs are very low at the moment, but filling fast! The Argaka reservoir, near Polis, is fairly small, and will overflow in most years. We captured it last spring, and got some lovely shots of the reservoir too.

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The Evretou Grave


In 2017 we visited Evretou Reservoir on several occasions. While we were at the dam, we noticed a mysterious grave stone or memorial on the opposite side of the lake. We finally visited it in January. I have to say it is one of the most peaceful, beautiful places I have been to in Cyprus, or anywhere else.

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Snow Fun!


The winter snows came again, and we paid the Troodos a visit. As well as the skiing and sledging, the ladybirds were also coming out to party. And they were quite shameless...

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Kato Arodes

Kato Arodes is the sister village to Pano Arodes, which we recently visited. The main difference is that Kato Arodes was Turkish Cypriot before the troubles began. However, while there are signs of abandonment in places, the village certainly isn't dead...

Geroskipou Mini Golf

The other day my daughter and I had some time to kill, so we took a trip to the Island Cove Adventure Mini Golf Park in Geroskipou. As I had my phone with my I thought I would take a few pictures so I could show you what it was like...

Foinikas by the Lake

The abandoned village of Foinikas lies on the banks of the Asprokremmos Reservoir. Now that the waters are lapping at the village boundaries, we thought we would pay it another visit, to see how it looks now.

Pano Arodes

Pano Arodes is one of the gateways to the Akamas. It is a charming village between Kathikas and Droushia. We will be featuring it in our next eBook, so recently visited it to do some research. Naturally enough, we took lots of pictures while we were there...

Latest News Articles

RAF’s Lightning planes land in Akrotiri for exercise

New planes belonging to the RAF arrived in Akrotiri on Tuesday afternoon to take part in the exercise Lightening Dawn, their first overseas deployment.

The F-35B Lightning aircraft arrived in Cyprus from Royal Air Force Marham in Norfolk and will spend six weeks at RAF Akrotiri.

Christofias still critical but stable, Israeli specialist due to fly in  

The health of former president Demetris Christofias continues to be stable but he remains in critical condition. A specialist on infectious diseases is expected to arrive from abroad later on Tuesday.

According to the health ministry Christofias is still in the Nicosia general hospital’s intensive care unit due to significant respiratory problems.

Highest electricity price rise in EU

Cyprus registered the highest increase in household electricity prices in the EU between the second half of 2017 and the second half of 2018, Eurostat figures published on Tuesday show.

The increase in Cyprus was 19.6 per cent, with Spain a distant second at 13.8 per cent and the Netherlands third (+9.7 per cent).

Two explosive devices go off in Paphos overnight

Paphos police responded to two explosions  after an improvised low intensity device went off outside a house in Mouttalos and a Molotov  cocktail was thrown at a house elsewhere in the town overnight with authorities investigating whether the two incidents are linked.