Snow Fun In The Troodos

Published 4th of February, 2018

There hasn't been as much snow (or rain for that matter) in Cyprus this year, compared to last. Nevertheless, we were determined to have at least one snowball fight. So we set off to The Troodos to see what we would find...

Not Such a Winter Wonderland


We last visited the Troodos Ski Slopes in the winter of 2016. You can view that blog here. This time around, we knew there would be less snow. This also meant that there would be more people, as the roads were all fully accessible. So we set off bright and early to hopefully avoid the worst of the crowds.

When we arrived, the place was already busy, but we found a parking spot easily enough. There was enough snow for people to ski, but it was also very icy.

Aphrodite's Golf Ball


My Dad used to be heavily involved with satellites for the RAF, back in the day. So this sort of image is a familiar sight for me. I should point out that the lack of snow on the hill there is due to it's south-facing position. There is a ski-slope on the opposite side of that hill which is still in operation.

Close Up


Modern cameras are wonderful. This shot has been reduced in size to fit in the blog. At full size you can see all the rivets in the metal sheets in high resolution. Considering it is on another hill some distance way, that is quite impressive. Don't worry though, I will spare you a shot of the rivets themselves.

Distant Ski Lift


I presume the ski slope over there is a bit more of a challenge than the nursery slopes we are visiting.

Drag Lift


The nursery slope relies on the simpler-to-use draglift to get the skiers up the hill.

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