The Enclosure of Agios Neophytos

Published 17th of March, 2018

Above Maronas


We originally thought we could get to Agios Neophytos by going above Maronas, where we recently blogged. This was the view from there (point C on the map). Unfortunately, there is no route from here to the wind turbines.

Nice Blossom


I am not going to apologise for the amount of flower pictures in the blogs at the moment. They won't last, as summer isn't far away. So enjoy them while you can!

Future Picnic Spot


We spotted this little picnic spot while driving through Maronas Heights. We shall have to remember this for future travels. However, when it was obvious that we had hit a dead end, we drove back to the main road and headed once again through Fasoula, towards Souskiou.



Souskiou (Point D on the map) is another abandoned village, which will get it's own blog soon. It is easy to miss, but is actually very large. You can also find some free-roaming pigs there. On this occasion, we were simply going to drive across the valley, through the village and up that hillside track you can see on the top right.

Incidentally, fair play to the local Cypriots. The track we drove on was in excellent condition, and had recently been cleared. The Cypriots are very good at keeping their farm tracks in good nick, if they are in use.

Agios Neophytos Wind Turbine


Once we reached a main road again, we turned left. We soon came to a sign pointing to Agios Neophytos, and followed it, in amongst the wind turbines.

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Let's take a little break from flowers. I know that Cyprus looks lovely in the Spring, and that it abounds with colour and life. But it' time to take a break. With the Polemi Tulip Festival fast approaching, and the knowledge that another road trip from Max is just around the corner too, I think we need to look at something without petals.

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